Sunday, 29 July 2018

The Unexpected

My Mind was extraordinarily calm when I was told
A Lucid Numbness I suppose
Listening to the words but avoiding the 'hearing'
That one word echoed hollowly in my ear...Cancer
How do you react?....I didn't...I remained calm
and so it was for days....
Until at last it dawned...and the flood gates opened..
The rest was a blur (or so it seemed to me)
They cut from inside....small blades...small holes..
When I awoke...I searched for, it wasn't there..
A bag was not required....and I gave thanks...
What now I it still there?....will there be a future?

The next words I heard with my eyes....a letter....
It is is no longer there....we were successful....
I cried....
No further treatment required...
I cried...
This is all good news...
I cried and I laughed....
A second chance...a re-birth within a Life...
How can I have such extraordinary luck?
Yet, somehow I felt many others will not survive?
Why me?.....
I now look with different eyes...feel with a different Heart...
I move forward with gratitude....the Wheel Turns...the Path awaits.

Sunday, 23 October 2016


This is the Last One
the One that ends them all
Whatever was there is gone
and this is but the remaining shadow
that fades gently into the Timeless Mist
ne'er to return
Perhaps some day, before The End, another
will come
and maybe a new door will open
to reveal another Muse
But until that Time, All will remain quiet
and Still
Sleeping until the Iron Bell calls forth.

Tuesday, 26 April 2016

To Be

The Spirit of the Air spoke to me
No words, not speech, nor hearing
but, instead, the Language of Touch,
My Skin understood perfectly
though I had no Knowing,
and the Revelation of it touched my Soul,
What the Spirit said to me
was all at once a Breeze, a Coolness, a Caress
So Light, yet I could feel the ebb and flow of the syllables,
A Vocabulary of Vortices, stirring the Air
and with each Touch a new Understanding
of what it is to 'Be'
Just 'To Be'
At One, In One, with Me, Myself, My Heart,
The Spirit of the Air Touch-whispered
in my Soul's ear the Wind of Silence
and in this Silence
Deep Joy and Happiness
and Peace.

Friday, 15 April 2016

Tears for the Lost

Today I cry for humanity
because humanity has lost its Soul
A photo....a woman...a rifle....
a dead Giraffe....
She is so proud...her poise...her smile
a conqueror of Wild Things
a huntress....she stalked...and was patient
as the Giraffe peacefully munched some leaves
she aimed...pressure on the trigger....
final pull and it lay dead
What a fight it put it stood still....eating
How brave the woman with the rifle....
But how Sad the state of her Mind
How cold the heart that beats inside
How little she thinks of Life
How can we call ourselves civilised
when we kill for sport...for the thrill,
those defenceless animals
that cause no harm....
There is no 'Humanity' in humanity
and today I cry for them.

Link to the Facebook page showing the photo...

Tuesday, 29 March 2016


In the Moment I feel All,
Clarity of Perception fills my Mind
and I join seamlessly with the Universe
Mind, Body, Spirit, Heart
Unified in a Great Joy
Sadness Past, no longer Present
Demons Old, banished Forever
Separateness Felt, no longer divides
Painful Memories, Laid to Rest
Tears that Fell, now Evaporated at last

In the Moment, for there is only the Moment,
All becomes One,
The divine of the Universe both Seen and Unseen
a welcome Companion on my Path,
I walk with Serenity and Beauty
and Great Happiness in my Heart
I am at Peace.

Sunday, 7 February 2016


When the stones cry
and the Heart of the World
is rendered apart
When Trees weep as their roots die
and the Wind howls in pain
Where will we be?
What shall we say?
When the Oceans boil in Darkness
and Mountains echo the Agony
of Earth's Soul
What will we do?
Where can we go?
When the Clouds carry Death
and the Air scorches the Land
When there is nothing left to eat
Will we still be blind
Will we have learned
or will it be too late?

Saturday, 21 November 2015


"I Stood and looked at the Moon
Her Wondrous Light
Ravaged by the Stormy Clouds
As they Tumbled and Rolled
Across the Windy Night Sky
Glimpses of Starlight here and there
in All too brief a view
An Owl called in the Distance
the Wind carrying the sound to my Ear
A scurrying in a nearby hedge
told me the Night Shift had begun
I Bathed in Moonlight
And gave thanks for All that is
for All that Is exists only in that Moment
That single infinitismally small measure
of Time
I Breathe it in, I acknowledge it
and effortlessly Move to the next Moment
I Exhale and Let the previous Moment Go"